Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Former Portuguese student, Dan Wood, publishes his translation of Resistance and Decolonization by Amílcar Cabral!

Dan Wood, a former student of Portuguese,
publishes his translation of a book by
the African revolutionary, Amílcar Cabral!

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Rowman & Littlefield International is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Resistance and Decolonization written by Amílcar Cabral and translated by Dan Wood. This volume is the first English translation of two important works by the major revolutionary figure, Amílcar Cabral.

How can a people overthrow 500 years of colonial oppression? What can be done to decolonize mentalities, economic structures, and political institutions? In this book, which includes the first translation of the text ‘Analysis of a Few Types of Resistance’ as well as ‘The Role of Culture in the Struggle for Independence,’ the African revolutionary Amílcar Cabral explores these and other questions. These texts demonstrate his frank and insightful directives to his comrades in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde’s party for independence, as well as reflections on culture and combat written the year prior to his assassination by the Portuguese secret police. As one of the most important and profound African revolutionary leaders in the 20th century, and justly compared in importance to Frantz Fanon, Cabral’s thoughts and instructions as articulated here help us to rethink important issues concerning nationalism, culture, vanguardism, revolution, liberation, colonialism, race, and history. The volume also includes two introductory essays: the first introduces Cabral’s work within the context of Africana critical theory, and the second situates these texts in the context their historical-political context and analyzes their relevance for contemporary anti-imperialism.

“Amilcar Cabral defines African critical theory as well as radical African politics. This book shows the unfailing engagement and the rigourous thinking a concrete philosopher needs in order to decolonize a society. That’s true even in contemporary struggles. This book belongs to the “postcolonial library”
– Seloua Luste Boulbina, Research Associate in Philosophy, University of Paris VII

Resistance and Decolonization is a tour-de-force in the bourgeoning field of Cabral studies and/or the epistemology that can be called Cabralism from the decolonial epistemic perspective. The spectre of Cabral haunts us and the fundamental questions which he raises from the positionality of being dehumanized bring about the unmasking of coloniality in the modern colonial world. Dan Wood’s translation, as a decolonial testament, instils that Cabral still lives and another world is possible.”
– Tendayi Sithole, Associate Professor of African Politics, University of South Africa

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