Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Come and see the Mexican Social Movement Mural on the 3rd Floor of SAC!

Our "Mexican Social Movements of the 20th—21st Centuries" mural is officially mounted in the Romance Language wing on the 3rd floor of SAC! 
Come check it out!

The mural was designed and painted by
 the Center for Culture, Art, Training and Education (CCATE) in Norristown in collaboration with Villanova students and faculty. The mural is a reflection on Mexican social movements of the 20-21st centuries donated to Villanova by CCATE.

Navidad Performance Photos!

Dr. Ericka Herbias' students in her Spanish 1121 course performed a play titled "Navidad" on December 9th at the Departmental Christmas party. Check out photos from the wonderful holiday performance below!