Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alumni Stories: Dominique Kilmartin (Italian Studies Class of 2015)

"My name is Dominique Kilmartin 
and I graduated in 2015. When I think back on my years at Villanova, it is indisputable that some of my fondest memories involve my work with the Italian department. Learning Italian at Villanova is not solely an academic experience, although the Italian education I received was superior. Rather, learning Italian at Villanova was an experience that transformed me into a culturally astute individual in the complexities of today’s world. The department offered a wide range of classes that, not only allowed me to continuously improve on my grammatical and conversational skills, but also enabled me to understand various aspects of Italian culture. By receiving a diverse education in the classroom and experiencing Italian culture first-hand through the department’s fantastic Urbino study abroad program, I am now able to understand and appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity. As a student at Seton Hall University’s School of Law, it is apparent that the Italian skills I fostered at Villanova are invaluable. Having the ability to converse in a foreign language and conduct business with cultural awareness are essential skills in today’s technologically-centered world. Deciding to pursue my education with the Italian department was one of the greatest decisions of my life, and I highly recommend others to embark on this amazing academic experience as well." 

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